Payroll Services

Payroll Services

In the vast majority of businesses there is a need for a payroll system. Without a smooth and efficient payroll system, you risk legal consequences and issues with your staff.  ProtiQ Chartered Accountants are well versed in handling payroll issues and maintaining payroll services. Our team can keep your business on track with its finances by efficiently managing your payroll facilities and records.

Our use of high end, industry standard softwares enables us to provide a high standard of service to our clientele and ensure that your needs are met.

    Who Needs A Payroll Service

    Payroll is an essential part in your business, it ensures that your staff are paid correctly and on time as well as enables you to remain tax compliant. If your payroll services is not up to scratch it can result in incorrect tax returns for your staff and incorrect National Insurance contributions. Our payroll management services will allow you to remove all of this stress from your shoulders and place it into our expert hands.


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    What Do You Get?

    To put it simply, when you choose ProtiQ, you gain access to a multitude of exclusive benefits that you may not get elsewhere including;

    • Access To Market Leading Software, (eg Xero)
    • Individual Account Manager
    • Personalised Advice and Feedback
    • Detailed Information From Experts
    • A Reliable Bookkeeping Service
    • A One Stop Shop Accounting Solution

    Why Choose Us?

    ProtiQ Chartered Accountants are experts at assisting you in Payroll matters.

    Our expert team are happy to advise and assist in any queries you may have and can aid you in deciding on the best course of action for your situation and requirements.

    With extensive experience in Payroll management we are sure to be able to find the perfect solution for your requirments whether it be through one of our affordable plans or from a tailor-made plan.

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